Intelligent AI humanoid recognition

AI humanoid recognition is based on neural network that accurately identifies human figures which greatly reduces false postives caused by wind, plants and animals

when both alarm recording and continuous recording uploaded to cloud, videos can be viewed anytime even the device is faulty or destoryed. 360 degree arming can be achieved.


Real-time cloud storage


G8Wifi Camera

  • Remote Monitoring

    Supports Android/IOS. you can turn on your phone and watch real time video anytime,anywhere 

  • Motion detection

    After the motion detection is turned on, the camera detects that there is a change in the screen, and will  sent the APP message to the mobile phone.

  • HD smart night vision

    Say goodbye to the traditional manual night vision mode, the intelligent IR-CUT mode will automatically sense the surrounding environment changes, automatically turn on/off night vision



the camera is successfully connected to the home WiFi, and the indicator light is blue, and the home can be monitored through the network

In the effective distance, the mobile phone is connected to the camera hotspot. At this time, it is not necessary to connect through the network. The principle is similar to Bluetooth. Once you leave the effective distance, you can't see the content inside the camera. The indicator light is red. This is called short-range

Short range