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  • Common problem

    Before use:



    1. The camera does not support 5g Wi Fi connection


    2. Wi Fi name cannot contain spaces or any other special characters and symbols


    3. Ensure that the camera position can receive strong enough Wi Fi signal



    4.The camera needs to be reset once before use.


    5. After inserting the TF card, you can save the local recording (you need to set the recording mode on the app)


    6. Do not insert the TF card after the camera is connected to the power supply.

























    Q: can the app add multiple cameras at the same time?

    A: you can add countless sets.



    Q: how can I view two cameras on one screen at the same time?

    A: mobile terminal: after adding 2 devices, swipe the mobile screen to the left.
    Computer end: it can add numerous devices at the same time and watch up to 16 cameras at the same time.



    Q: how long can this camera last in a hot car?

    A: as long as the power supply is provided, the camera can record all the time.



    Q: what format will the video be displayed on my iPhone: avi, MOV?

    A: the video will be displayed in MP4 format.



    Q: can I view this camera online and remotely outside the WiFi network?

    A: Yes, as long as the camera has set up a remote connection.



    Q: when using dynamic detection for shooting, please tell us the operating distance?

    A: within 5 meters.


    Q: how do I store video?
    A: you can only save video content by inserting a memory card If cloud storage is enabled, videos can be saved directly to the cloud.



    Q: v380 Pro account and cloud storage
    A: every v380 Pro account can connect to countless cameras, but only one cloud storage is supported for one camera V380 Pro account can log in other mobile phones at will.



    Q: remote monitoring has been set, but the app displays offline after going out      

    A: when the phone switches the network or disconnects and reconnects to the network, the application will disconnect the camera and display it offline Scroll down to refresh the device in the application, or restart the application.  




    Q: How to insert or remove the tf card      

    A: insert the TF Card in the right direction and push it into the slot with your fingernail. If you hear a click, it indicates that the insertion is successful. Remove the tfcard, push the tfcard inwards with your fingernails, and take it out after popping out.



    Q: What should I do if I accidentally forget my password

    A: reset the camera.

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